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"Klezfest in Ukraine - 2003" gathers friends!

Klezmer music is the soul of the Jewish people. That is why the revival of Jewish spirituality is impossible without reviving the singing and dancing heritage of the previous ages.

For the fourth year in a row Klezfest has been gathering friends in Ukraine. "Klezfest" is not an ordinary festival where winners are named and prizes given out. It is an international seminar. The best klezmer players and singers from this country and abroad consider it an honor to attend it.

This year, organizers of the "Klezfest in Ukraine - 2003", Yana and Boris Yanover, have invited 55 best performers from Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Estonia, Russia, Great Britain, USA, and Canada!

As usual, the level of master classes will be high. Famous experts in instrumental music and vocal will teach them. Among them will be Marilyn Lerner (Canada), famous pianist, composer and arranger; soloist of the "Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band", famous performer of songs in Yiddish Adrienne Cooper (USA), and the world's famous leader of traditional klezmer style, soloist of the "Sukke" trio, clarinetist Merlin Shepherd (UK).

Also, alumni of Ukrainian and St. Petersburg Klezfests will appear as teachers for the first time. They will be Paulina Achkinazi and Mark Kogan (Russia), Yefim Chorny (Moldova), Natalie Kasyanchik and Gennady Fomin (Ukraine).

Also, for the first time ever, "Klezfest in Ukraine - 2003" will devote special attention to the methods of promoting of klezmer music performers in the music market. With this purpose, the Jewish Volunteers Corps a project of the American Jewish World Service will send Jeffrey Perelman who will teach special topics such as "The Music Market and Self-Advertisement" and "Self-Promotion: Planning a Concert Tour Without Manager".

"Klezfest in Ukraine - 2003" will take place in Puscha-Voditsa, outside Kiev, on August 24-29, 2003.

The final gala concert will take place at 7 p.m. on August 28 at the Kiev State Children's Musical Theater, 2 Mezhigorska Street ("Kontraktova Ploscha" metro station).

Sponsor general of the festival:

Jewish Community Development Fund for Russia and Ukraine, project of the American Jewish World Service (New York, USA).


The Embassy of Canada in Ukraine,
The public affairs section at US Embassy in Ukraine,
The Vaad of Ukraine,
The Jewish Agency "SOHNUT-UKRAINE",
The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee,
Max and Anna Levinson Foundation,
The International charitable foundation "Good News" .

Media support:

Newspapers "Hadashot", "Jewish Observer" and "Einikait".

No doubt that this festival will become a real celebration of the Jewish folk music. If you want to get additional information on "Klezfest in Ukraine - 2003" and/or buy tickets for the Gala Concert, please go to our website at https://klezmer.com.ua/ or call: (044) 248-3670, 248-3634, 248-5377.

Welcome, "Klezfest in Ukraine - 2003"!

It will be good to see you friends!

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