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О музыкантах

(г. Харьков)

In our songs we want to bring joy to people,
but if we want them to cry - they are sore to cry


     The style of group is a combination of different directions.
The ensemble performs as international music as other different kinds - jazz, klezmer, classical music. The combination of such musical instruments as double - bass, darbuke and others gives an opportunity to enjoy the coloring and beauty of the performed music makes us completely sink into it and lets emotions come out. Rendering of musical compositions in Yiddish
and English lets wide range of people understand them. The audience of the group has no age limits; it wins as teenagers as elderly people's hearts. In the songs of YIDDISHock group there are different topics - about love, detestation and others Big attention of ensemble is paid to both the fanciest - eastern rhythms and the more modern ones these rhythms are often combined crossed.

The moral credo of the group is Peace over the World. The group comes out against discrimination of the national minorities, that's why love and kindness are very important in the performed music.


Vlad Kulev - is a student of International Solomon University. He was born on March 26 in 1986 in Kharkov. The first acquaintance with music was at the age of in Junior Musical School 9 for by Sokalskij, which he finished in 2000. The years spent in the school tied him to music, forever. 1997 - 2003 - Choir for boys "Az and Buki" in Kharkov Opera and Ballet Theatre. It was the first vocal experience. In school Vlad took active part in arranging concerts, festivals and quizzes.

On 1999 he organised a school rock - group, which was a great success. At the same year he becomes a musician of "KVN" team in Kharkov Polytechnic University. In 2003 due to the Klezmer group especially Gennady Fomin. Vlad starts learning Jewish culture, Klezmer basically. Currently Vlad is acting in a Rock - Opera "White Crow" and he is a leader of YIDDISHock Band.





Orkhan Agabekov was born on March 30 in 1987 in Kharkov. In school he was bright, played basketball. At the end of the year 8 took up music, joined the youth Musical Club. In two months he was suggested to enter a musical school. The study there was very intensive - instead of 5 years he finished the course in 3.

As drums charmed his life completely Orkhan decided to carry on his education on the Conservatory. It was not easy to do but he did. As soon as he finished the school Orkhan entered Kharkov National University of Art by Kotlyarevsky the highest score at exams. The same year he came for Klezfest in Kiev and some time after started the band.




Artem (Tim) Kolenchuk was born on May 6, 1980 in Dnepropetrovsk. The first familiarity with music happened at the age of 4. He finished the Musical School, Musical College, at present Tim is a student of Kharkov National University of Art by Kotlyarevsky. He plays the double - bass. His hobby - classical, jazz and Klezmer music..

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