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The Center of Jewish Education in Ukraine

Sixth International Klezmer Music Festival "Klezfest in Ukraine"

August 21 - 26, 2005

     Klezfest is unique and bright, one of a kind phenomenon in the cultural life of Ukraine. This is a musical and educational event, which today can be ranked as high as many leading European festivals. One of the distinctive features of the upcoming Klezfest is its wide geographical representation. 64 musicians from 13 countries - Great Britain, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Canada, Moldova, Poland, Austria and USA will take part in the festival. With each passing year new projects are added to the festival program. Today Klezfest is not only a gala-concert, master classes, numerous presentations but, first of all, it's live informal socializing with well known professionals and aficionados of this very interesting musical genre. It's also presents an opportunity to get acquainted better with this ancient culture and renaissance of its traditions.

     No one who participated in previous Klezfests remained indifferent. Those who attended 5th, 4th or even earlier festivals that took place in Crimea are waiting impatiently for a new original show and for new experiences sprouting from the union of eternal and modern.

     Klezfest 2005 in Ukraine will be devoted to studying traditional Purimshpils - Jewish folk musical performances, and to cultivation and developing creativity and musical professionalism of festival participants. For a Purimshpil script we used materials from Moisey Beregovsky book "Jewish Folk Musical Performances" /Kyiv, Library of the Institute of Jewish Studies, "Duh I Litera," 2001/

For the fist time at the Klezfest:

* Participants from 9 to 85 years old
* Children and grandchildren of the participants - musicians from all over the world
* Presentation of Isaac Loberan (Austria) book "Klezmer Music of Ukraine and Moldova from XIX till XXI century" (the book publication was sponsored by "Kultur Kontact", Austria)

Традиционно в программе фестиваля:

* Founder and director of the ensemble "Budowitz", Joshua Horowitz (USA)

* "Klezmatics" founding singer, Lorin Sklamberg (USA)

* Pianist and new Jewish music composer, Marilyn Lerner (Canada)

* Merlin Shepherd (UK) - composer and clarinettist with "Frank London's Klezmer Brass Allstars" and "Sukke"

* Klezfest "alumni" Yiddish singers, composers and choral leaders, Polina Achkinazi-Shepherd (UK-Russia) and Efim Chorny (Moldova)

* Klezfest "alumni" Yiddish singer and actress, Alina Ivah (Russia)

* YIDDISH classes for everyone in small groups according to the level of participants led by experienced instructors

* Round table on how to use Jewish music in communities for revival and developing Jewish self-awareness

* Gala Concert of Klezfest in Ukraine participants for general public that will take place on August 25 at 7:00 pm in the House of Artists (1-5 Artyom Street, Lvovska Square). Presenters - Yana Ovrutskaya and Psoy Korolenko

Jewish Community Development Fund for Russia and Ukraine (USA) about Klefzest in Ukraine, 2005
Klezmer Festival Reviving Jewish Traditions in Ukraine

Additional information:

The Center of Jewish Education in Ukraine
Kurska St., 6, Room 37, 03049, Kiev, Ukraine
Phones: (380-44) 248-36-70, 248-36-34, 248-53-77,
Fax: (380-44) 248-36-70, 248-53-77


Jewish Community Development Fund for Russia and Ukraine (USA)
United Jewish Appeal - Jewish federation of NY
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
Swiss Cultural Program - Ukraine
"Pro Helvetia"
Public Affairs Section at US Embassy in Ukraine
VAAD of Ukraine

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Newspaper "Jewish Observer"
Newspaper "Hadashot"


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TV program "Mazl Tov!" - national TV company UT-1

Klezfest's in Ukraine, 2005 program

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