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The International Youth Jewish Art Grand Prix "ATIKVA".
Youth fight against Xenophobia, Anti-Semitism war and terrorism.
Kyiv - New York - Jerusalem
2005 - 2006 / 5765 - 5766


Regulations of conducting

The Grand Prix is held by American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, the Jewish Fund of Ukraine, the All-Ukrainian Jewish Congress, the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine, and the Israeli Support Center For Children's Art (Jerusalem), with the support and participation of the Sokhnut Jewish Agency for Israel and a number of other funds, state and social organizations, and sponsoring companies.

The Grand Prix also includes the "Ms. and Mr. Jewish Youth beauty" contest, the "My Jewish Community" photo contest, the "Shorashym" literary festival and a nomination for producers of food and goods for children and youth, family and home

The Grand Prix events will take place in the best concert halls: Kyiv - Ukraine Palace (Sunday, March 20, 2005), New York - Millenium theater, Jerusalem - Theatron Jerusalem.

The Grand Prix's work is widely covered in the press, on TV and the radio, and on the Internet.

1. The aim of Grand Prix is to promote Jewish upbringings for young community members, to develop and popularize Jewish art and culture, to find and support young Jewish talents, and to strengthen ties between the Jewish diaspora and Erec-Israel

2. Time of events: 2005-2006 (5765-5766)

3. Place of events: Kyiv, New York, Jerusalem

4. Requirements for participants. Age - 12-25 years. Repertoire must be connected with a Jewish topic.

5. Genres - vocal (folk, pop and classical), choreography (folk, modern, pop, popular and classical dance), instrumental music (folk, pop, jazz and classical), original genre and circus art. Participants may perform individually or in groups.

6. Holding procedure. The Grand Prix is held in two stages: the selection stage -in absentia (in the regions) and the main stage (in person)

During the selection stage the participants should send video or audio recording of their perfomances to a regional office of the Organizing Committee (participants from diaspora countries - Ukraine, 01025 Kyiv-25, 4/13 Stritenska, to Portnikov Vladlen, tel. (380 44) 272-3918, 519-1759, e-mail: ; participants from Israel - Jerusalem, P.O.Box 7202,Jerusalem 91071, Israel, Mr. Eleon Vilenchik, tel.:972-51-812849,972-9-8666774, e-mail: ).

Regional Offices will choose the best video and audio performances and will send invitations for participation in the main stage event, which will be held in Kyiv on March 20, 2005. The winners of the main stage event will be recommended to participate in the festival in New York and Jerusalem.

7. Terms of participation. The participants should send an application, including personal data, a description of the performance, a video or audio recording and photos of the performers, to the regional office of the Organizing Committee

8. The Grand Prix Finances. The organizing committee pays for concert hall rental, transportation, coverage of the Grand Prix events in the mass media, jury and service work, prizes for winners and souvenirs for other participants. The Organizing Committee's sponsors pay its expenses.

The Organizing Committee's sponsors will have the opportunity to participate in the nomination for producers of food and goods for children and youth, and to advertise at all the Grand Prix events. The participants pay postage for sending video and audio materials, and transportation expenses for getting to the venues and back.

The participants may attract sponsors to pay their expenses or ask the Organizing Committee for help. The participants' sponsors will have the opportunity to advertise at all the Grand Prix events, in the press, on TV, on the radio and on the Internet.

9. Prizes. The winners in different genres and age categories will be awarded diplomas and valuable prizes.

10. The Grand Prix Organ Structure. The Grand Prix founders form the International Organizing Committee and the International Jury. The Organization Committee members attract companies' representatives, people who share Grand Prix ideas and can help to achieve the Grand Prix aims their activity or financing. The Jury members attract prominent cultural figures who share the Grand Prix ideas and can help to achieve the Grand Prix goals by working in the Jury.

11. Responsibilities of the participants. Participants in the Grand-Prix are required to present personal identification. Participants are not allowed to make agreements concerning their participation in the Grand-Prix with third parties without the organizational committee's permission. Participants agree to abide by all the jury's decisions and agree that decisions are not subject to further appeal. The participants grant the organizational committee irrevolcable copyright for using participants' profiles and images, as well as performing their works in the mass media and using their images in promotional materials.

12. Additional information. Regulations for conducting the "Miss Jewish Youth beauty contest", the "My Jewish Community" photo contest, and the "Shorashim" literature contest will be published separately. The regulations concerning contests for trademarks for food, goods for children and youth, and family and household producers will be published later as well.

Application for participation in the Nadezhda (Atikva) Grand Prix contest/festival

1 Last name, first name and patronymic, or name of collective (if latter, please attach the list of performers):
2 Date of Birth:
3 Address:
4 Contact phone and e-mail:
5 Education (including artistic education):
6 Festivals and contests in which you have participated, specifying awards received:
7 Honorary titles:

List of composition (musical or another) submitted to the organizational committee (genre, name, authors of composition):

* Ukrainian
* English
* Jewish
* Free style

9 Last name, first name, and patronymic of the art director, or of the parents. Please specify if their presence at the festival is required

The booklet of the International Youth Jewish Art Grand Prix "ATIKVA"

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